For publishers

Reach your advertisers!

Media monitoring sent by IMEDIA reach the most significant companies of Hungary (Hungarian and multinational companies, banks, pharmaceutical and food industry giants, state organisations), so with one word, the biggest advertisers. Our digests are read by those who have a direct control over the communications strategy and handle public relations of their companies. It is also them who will decide what media to support, to who to give an interview and who to invite to their events. So, appearance in the monitoring of IMEDIA may have a direct influence on the business performance of publishers via decision makers' allocation of money spent on advertisement and other PR tools.

Become a member of the partnership network of IMEDIA and as a result of this:

  • The biggest advertisers will always know that they were mentioned in your media and they will also see the length along with the contexts;
  • Your pieces of news, coverages, reports and messages will land in the hands of decision makers every day;
  • You can directly increase the publicity of your media in the industries most relevant to you;
  • You may also build business contacts with the help of IMEDIA;
  • Your sales activities may become more effective and more successful.


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