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Our Services

IMEDIA provides a uniquely wide spectrum of services at the media monitoring market. Due to our technology, which was developed by us and is considered one of the most developed solutions today, we provide customised products, which eventually make you to be a significant player on your field of business. Engines of our services are the software developed by us, which are constantly renewed so that our partners can have access to information and pieces of news they require and in a way they need. On a daily basis we monitor about 20,000 articles, coverages, printed and electronic news items to save you time and energy.

In Hungary today about 3,000 different media sources, national and regional press, weeklies, magazines, other periodicals, e-papers and internet sites, along with a number of local, national radio and television channels publish their news. IMEDIA, - with the help of ImediaCollect, which was developed by us, - collects and selects articles you need. With the help of ImediaSelect we create a review that suits you, so that you will be able to read only relevant information in a clear and easy-to-use format.

For the sake of practicality, we send our products in batches, though if you have special requests as to sending, you can also rely on the team of IMEDIA.

Media Monitoring

IMEDIA provides you with a monitoring every day at the same time so you may react to news immediately. We only concentrate to the core of the issues! We create summaries and provide them to you, thus along with your morning coffee you will get all the relevant information to make well considered decisions.

Breaking News

We constantly monitor online sites with the help of our new Breaking News services. As a result of our hourly 'alarms' you can have access to internet articles even at daytime. In this service we monitor words set by you and if there are any finds between 08:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., we send you and email, even multiple times a day if newer articles are found. This service makes it easier should you want to give instant reactions and furthermore definite events can be followed in the media on a minute-to-minute basis. Breaking News service covers social media posts and broadcast news too.

Internet Monitoring

We monitor millions internet pages 24 hours a day and this number keeps growing each day. We have an automated online search system that seeks the articles of sites monitored by us based on the keywords that clients provide. Then we create summaries from these and results reach you in e-mail so that you can continuously stay online.

Press Monitoring

We monitor all national and regional dailies, along with about eighty weeklies and monthlies, which add up to 300 media sources so that our clients will get the really important ones. From Monday to Friday, each morning we create a review and send you a summary of the news that you need before 07:15 in the morning. We also attach the links through which you can have access to full articles in Word format, PDF versions and in case of internet sources we include a link to the original source, so essential pieces are really only a click away.

Radio and Television Monitoring

We monitor report, news items, economic programmes and other special programmes of national TV and radio channels around the clock. We create summaries from the programmes that you pick.

Social and blog and comment monitoring

With our blog and comment monitoring service, you can get an instant notification if your brand name, product, any of your competitors, business partners or any topics that you may consider important are mentioned at a Hungarian blog, forum or posts on Facebook business sites, Twitter posts, Youtube videos in any context possible. Our monitoring will make you able react immediately, with no delay, thus giving you a newer competitive edge compared to your competitors. If you wish to know what is written in internet diaries or forums about you and what opinions, comments and blog posts are published, then you should try the Blog and comment monitoring services offered by IMEDIA.

Media analysis

Based on the daily reviews, the quantitative and qualitative analyses of the publications of the clients and their rivals are prepared monthly or as necessary. Besides the graphics presenting the statistical data, we help to process and interpret the news by textual analysis. By listing tonality, AVE and SoV data we help assessment and results of the messages of our clients.

Other Services

Translation Services

IMEDIA undertakes to translate reviews, or if needed even full articles to foreign languages, for example to English, German, Italian, French and Russian. This makes creation of communication presentations easier, may they be for the management, for foreign owners, or for business partners.

International Media Monitoring

Through our international partners, FIBEP (the world’s media intelligence association with over 130 corporate members in over 60 countries), we review also the news published in foreign media so that our clients could have feedbacks on news published in global press as well.

Serving Unique Needs

If needed, we also fulfil the special requests of our clients. Services listed above can be aligned to special needs, sent in special formats you use. We can create customised media monitoring, send you files in a way you want, at the frequency you want, with specific features that may include media monitoring with company logos, unique transcriptions, summaries with table of contents, etc.